Welcome to Analogue Archivist, my name is Lisa and I am in fact a qualified Archivist by profession. One of the reasons that I love my job as an archivist is the fact that you get to touch history every day. Working on historical documents is an absolute privilege and gives me a real sense of connection with the past. In my personal life, I have always enjoyed photography and been fascinated by the act of capturing a moment in time. 

Approximately 6 years ago, frustrated with digital photography and the constant search for ‘perfection’ within my images, I purchased an Olympus Om 2. One roll in and I was hooked on film. Shortly after this, I was browsing a flea market in Dublin where I came across a gentleman selling old Kodak folding cameras. I was instantly enamoured with their aesthetic and design and bought three folding cameras from him that day. Holding those cameras felt like holding history in my hands. History I could display at home, and more importantly, history that I could bring to life by shooting a roll  of film in them.

My camera collection and my interest in the history of photography has grown exponentially since acquiring my Olympus Om 2. This site is a place for me to share my own collection, what I’ve learned along the way, my photography, and some archival tips too.



Image Credit: Ciara Burke


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